Wednesday, December 16, 2009

progress - UPDATED 8

Final status:
The show is about 2:30 minutes. The illustrations blend with the music and the movements of the shadow of the performer.

The illustrations are categorized into 5(opening, flower, fish, wind and fruit) with the timeline given:
  • The opening @00:00 - 00:16s
  • Flower @00:16- 00:56s
  • Fish @00:57 - 1:28s
  • Wind @1:29 - 1:53s
  • Fruit @1:53 - 2:30s
The performer will need to synchronize the illustrations with the movements as to make everything perfects.

For the final checklist:
- Statement (description)

Monday, December 14, 2009

progress - UPDATED 7

After Critique 3, some typo elements of the logo have changed. The "Maze of Thought" title has been changed to normal fonts as not to be so 'complicated' . It looks more 'clean' now. (Click the image to enlarge)

Due to the changes of poster, booklet also having slightly 'little changes'. In the poster, there is a brief explanation about the performance is as well as in the booklet. This will help the user/audience to understand a little bit about the performance....before it starts.

*props and animation still going on.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

progress - UPDATED 6

Some testing had been done during the afternoon section in class....please ignore the so 'unprofessional' performer that will be appearing in the videos...*videos will be shown in class cause is just too big size...

Well again...before the videos start...let the pictures tell the story....=D

After testing, there are some elements i might need to improve on....
  • like the cloth(to act as the canvas) should be in longer form which able to fit the person's silhouette....
  • the projector will need to be at the back instead of putting infront as in to reflect the 'look' and 'feel'...(or maybe i was thinking, to put a light in to reflect the shadow....)
  • and if...when the projector come from illustration all will a i'll either to change the projector settings(if i know) or...rotate my illustration 9which so many of them....) or mayb set it might works...
  • props will be needed as the 'performer' looks so empty somehow in the videos....XD
beyond of of that...animation is still under construction......

Monday, December 7, 2009

progress - UPDATED 5

85% of animation DONE....will need to modified and touch up after the testing section (test projection) later, this afternoon...."chinese elements" need to include...sound effects + background music will need to add on later on I provide the Full StoryBoard for preview.... =)

After the animation, the whole project is only going to be considered started as I'll need to sync the animation with the shadow of the silhouette and my props. ('Props' needed for puppetry the show) in a conclusion....i still having tons of work to be done before the performance itself.

*i will need: a dandelion a goggle, a brush, a book and a basket (maybe) for the props.
**props will be created by cardboard....

Before i end this section, let's meet with my little buddy that appears as "little silhouette" in my animation. Considered to use a pure silhouette but in the end i choose to give a "character" for the animation by adding in this little buddy. I'm planning to introduce this little buddy to the audiences from the beginning of the show. So there won't be any "??????" appears in the audiences' mind all of sudden.... =D

*oh...BEHIND STORIES - this little buddy actually transform by a Chinese word. From "貝". "貝" (bei), means 'shell'. The illustration is used this word to transform on and added hands.....

****i decide not to use this little it is not match with the animation at "bye bye"....hehe******

Crit 03 Check List....

Saturday, December 5, 2009

progress - UPDATED 4

This is the official poster that i plan to use for the performance event.

*The poster and booklet is designed by using the colour scheme that set for the performance, which is red, pink, black and white. The title is designed to be a Chinese traditional stamp and used striking red as an attraction to the audience. Besides that, stokes design are created because of the slogan, "the beauty of strokes" that wanted to be presented.

There will be also a small booklet / card (front-back) provided for the audiences as to understand more about the event's happening.

*In the booklet, there will be a introduction about what's "Maze of Thoughts". The brief intro about Chinese Calligraphy, which used to interprets in the performance.

progress - UPDATED 3

"Maze of Thoughts" Introduction Video

"Maze of Thoughts" interprets Chinese Calligraphy with performance art. it is a blend of interaction performance that interprets the rigor and aesthetics of the 3,000 year-old Chinese Calligraphy tradition. The black ink flows to create different strokes onto the white cloth by using the projection. The movements and interactions of the performer echoes the serpentine strokes and abstract patterns of ink. The illustration accompany with the sounds of soft Asian accoustic music, wind, rain, and temple bells.

Artist impressions for Maze of Thoughts

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

progress - UPDATED 2

flower done in another way after consulted last mon. *i was planning to put the colour exactly like the petals but it end up can't i make it as "black" in original...hope it works...

meanwhile, i've made the "under the sea" part...which i'll need to test out the projection angle and space to figure out the goggle size for my silloutte....=)

*there are more coming up next...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

progress - UPDATED 1

I've UPDATED the working files with images as I can't upload the swf on blog. * picture speaks thousand words* XD

This is the beginning work files that have been working on...more will upload later as I move on.
.swf file will be presented / consulted in class

and i would need some help on giving comments on the "evolution" of a flower into a character. Do you guys think that is a good idea to make it in that way(which shown in the picture above)? *flower will be changed...if not i myself feel ugly too...XD
i was thinking to use both character in order to create a variety "flowers" but i do think might be too complex later, and so...i'm still playing me comment...=) thx

The image below is he transform of "new flower" that i plan to use in the show.
.swf will be shown in the class....

UPDATE "story board on board" too....Click here to view

Please go to P.R.E.V.I.E.W to view the ideation of the poster too.....Click here to view

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

after CRIT 2

As in Crit 2 on last Monday, Mr.KY and Mr. Bad critiqued (as in giving more suggestions to improve) my projects.... in many ways....
  • They mentioned that I didn't spend more time on doing my typeplay, so I'll have to spend more time in typeplay more than just other thing because other than having the typeplay, there's no reason of "beauty strokes" in my projects. And so...i've created part of the "flower" out...=) (there are still wings, people and more to go)
  • Besides that, i'll need to type out an "interactive/effects" script i need to know how accurate is the "moment" that the performer need to interact with the application.
  • A suggestion that had been made is :. in order to "hire" a performer and not so familiar with the entire thing, changed to be integration of VIDEO + illustration. This would actually need to record the saluate of the performer and edit in. In case emergency or anything using video will be the best choice.
  • I've to put the lighting and shadow thing aside and concentrate more on my illustration/animation side. Many things else that UNDONE....
Many work to be done and i'm out of must work n work n work n work.....KEEP ON GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009


managed to finish....some stuff....some preview...more coming on next....

-A little bit of Maze of Thoughts info :
A Little Imagination, always makes life better;
A Little Maze, always makes life different.

A few printscreen of the performance's intro....

**do rmb to cum n comment on the look n feel too.....